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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Momma always said there'd be days like this...

Days like these hit me the hardest. They twist and turn my heart and my insides into mush. It's days and things that happen in my life, leave me feeling alone.
They leave me feeling my loss. It's days like the last several that remind me I miss her so much. She's will always be my "person". When things come down the pike that I need to check myself for, cry about, or just talk, I feel the empty whole in my heart. I am grateful that it was once filled with love. I guess in a way it will always be full. Not being able to talk to her is so frustrating. She knew me better than I knew me. That was kind of our thing. That why we were such a perfect match. Honestly I don't think that two friends were ever more Compatible. I know that she's in that part of my heart forever but to be able to have her look at me again with those beautiful brown eyes and just say a perfect world how would you want this scenario to play out. Talking it out with her always made everything easier to process. I could use you right now.....I know you're up
There and I know you are watching over me. I love you B

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Mommy Madness: BEWARE ONLINE COSTUME RETAILER FRAUD: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Kimberly Blackburn 815.714.2628                    Halloween Costume Store FRAUD (Joliet, ...

Saturday, September 26, 2015


CONTACT: Kimberly Blackburn
Halloween Costume Store FRAUD

(Joliet, IL) – Online Halloween costume superstore is taking payments for goods not in stock.  Kimberly Blackburn, placed an order September 26th on the popular google trusted website.  After not receiving a confirmation email, Blackburn called the number on the website to confirm the order.  Mrs. Blackburn spoke to a representative who told her that her order had been cancelled because the item was out of stock.  Blackburn explained that the item was listed as available and she was able to order it and provided the order number.  The customer service representative transferred Blackburn to the supervisor, Megan.  Megan began telling Blackburn that her order was never processed, they did not have the item in stock, and confirmation emails can take up to several hours.  After Blackburn provided the order number, Megan again told her that the order was not processed and her credit card was not charged.  The supervisor refused to provide Blackburn with any further information about the company or who she could contact to rectify the situation. 

After getting off the phone Mrs. Blackburn checked her bank statement only to find a charge from the costume store. There was a phone number on the statement different than the previous one.  Blackburn called and spoke to a man with a European accent who told her that he had no knowledge of the costume store.  After confirming the phone number with him, she thanked him and hung up.  Upon hearing of the blatant negligence, lies, and possible credit card fraud, on the part of the costume store, Blackburn’s husband, John, called and was treated similarly and told that it would be at least 3-5 days to refund their credit card.  Further attempts to reach out to the costume store for refund were denied, and the Blackburn’s have still not received a confirmation email canceling the order, or a credit to their card.  

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