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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Recital!

So J1 and J2 had their first recitals for dance this weekend.  I must say I think I was more nervous than they were.  I never realized how much time it takes to get them "ready" for it.  Putting makeup on J2 was more than an experience.  I think that it might have been easier to find a needle in a haystack.  J1 was great and loved every minute of makeup time.  

Then of course there was the hair.  J1 was fairly easy and I got help.  J2 was definitely more difficult.  Her style was curls.  Well J2's hair is mostly straight.  So I got to relive my childhood while I watched my mom roll her hair in the sponge rollers just like she used to do when we were little girls for special occasions.  

Rehearsal was a little nerve wracking because the girls had different rehearsal times.  J2 had to be there by 8:30!  J1's rehearsal and picture time was 10:10-11:00 and she had an 11:15 baseball game.  We were lucky and we got it all done.  Although it was pretty cute to see her out on the baseball field in full dance recital makeup.  

On recital day it was much more relaxed getting ready since we didn't need to be there until 12:30.  But it literally took over an hour to get their hair and makeup done with mom and I working on them.  It was worth every minute.  They were fantastic.  I must say I did tear up a little to see my little angels on stage and doing so well.  I honestly have to say it's one of my proudest mom moments so far.  Having seen them work on these dances since September and see it all come together was pretty amazing.  I also have to say I thouroughly enjoyed the recital.  Seeing all the girls dance and the costumes, it was a very well put together show.  The timing was perfect it came in at just under 2 hours.  Seeing my little ones come out for the finale was also adorable.  J2 was boogeying on down on stage with all the "big girls" and just having a blast.  

I had toyed with the idea of leaving after their performances.  I was a little concerned because the recital was literally right in the middle of nap time.  I am so glad that we stayed.  The girls had a wonderful time and loved that Daddy and Mommy and GaGa got them flowers.  They were so excited and so happy.  I want to say thank you to their dance teacher Miss Shelley and to everyone at BDA for an amazing afternoon, that I will remember for forever!  

Here are Mom, Dad, and My Little Mermaid and My little Strawberry Shortcake.