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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Waiting for the game GO CANES GO!

As a huge football girl after the SuperBowl I always find myself bummed out.  Well not this year!  The Miami Hurricanes Basketball team is MORE than making up for my missing football this year.  Having gone to Miami and always cheering and loving everything HURRICANES, this team has helped me to get over my "football is over" down time.  Usually I don't start watching college basketball until March, but the Hurricanes have been ON FIRE this season and have made watching an absolute pleasure.

I even watched the entire game (the one that they lost to Wake Forest) on the computer because it wasn't on locally here in IL.  I am getting so excited for this afternoon's game against Duke.  Am I nervous, of course I am.  Duke has quite a bit to prove after Miami destroyed them in Coral Gables earlier in the season.  They need to win this game to even have a shot at a part of the regular season ACC title.  I can assure you that at the beginning of the season NO ONE would have predicted that Duke's shot at the regular season title would come down to this.  I believe in this Miami team.  I believe in the drive that they have.  They have struggled over the last 3 games and they are ready to come back strong.  I believe that they can #BeatDuke tonight at Duke and win the ACC regular season title!

I have the kids getting all ready to watch with me.  I am training them early, they get the whole football thing and they will actually spend Sundays watching on and off with me.  Luckily there is a TV in the extra bedroom for Sprout and DisneyJr so that when they are bored of sports with me they can just go inside.  More than once I have heard from them, "Mommy you scare me you too loud".  What can I say I'm a girl that gets into my sports.  I love watching my favorite teams!  I get excited, I get loud, I yell at the TV and my little ones need to get used to it (which they are they tell Daddy, Mommy yelling at the football TV again)!!!

I have taught them how to throw up the []_[] and they will do it and say "It's all about 'da []_[]" It's very cute.  They know some of the cheers, currently we are working on "It's Great to be a MIAMI HURRICANE."  Even though I didn't graduate from Miami it's a huge part of who I am and where my life has gone.  I met my amazing husband there.  If it weren't for Miami I wouldn't have my amazing little pumpkins.  Miami is in my blood and my heart and I just wanted to let them know that this former Hurricane Girl will be watching ANXIOUSLY tonight for them to wrap up the ACC tonight!!!

GO MIAMI GO!!!! #BeatDuke

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