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Monday, May 26, 2014

Are you Summer Ready?

Now that Memorial Day weekend is over SUMMER IS HERE!!! Are you ready for summer?  With all the running around with the kids, pool trips, water park trips, playdates you are going to need all the energy that you have!  I have a challenge for my readers.  Now that I have started using the It Works products I can't tell you how much energy I feel like I have.  I wake up in the morning and I am ready (ok almost ready) for anything that J1 and J2 have to throw at me.  Whether it's heading over to the Cheney Pool, or just setting up the Bouncy in the backyard and hanging out there I am ready.  I am challenging all of you to check out my 90 day challenge.  This challenge is testing a sample of the It Works products to help cleanse, lose and tighten your body.  I have actually been in the lose phase for longer because that is my focus right now.  It really has made everything easier for me.  We went to a family party yesterday and I was full of energy ready to chase the kids around and play and enjoy them.  You have lots to lost and everything to gain by giving it a chance.  Email me or call me and we can set up your challenge and chart your results with before/after photos so we can show another success story.

Kimberly Blackburn
Independent Distributor
It Works Global

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