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Friday, April 12, 2013

I can't believe it!!!

Starting today at 5:00 my J1 will be playing tee ball.  I can't believe it.  She has her little pink mitt and her bat (which of course is kept in Mommy's room for safety reasons).  She's a big girl now.  I just don't know where the time went.  It seems like just yesterday she was still sleeping in her crib and barely walking.  Today I will be taking her over to play an organized sport!

We have to take her shopping for cleats and baseball pants this week.  She has pictures next Saturday.  At least her coaches were kind enough to go with black pants.  I have heard horror stories from other mom's about the nightmare that is white baseball pants.  They have practice twice a week on Monday and Friday with games on Saturday.  We get the full schedule today.  I see an extra load of laundry in my future.  J1's coaches seem to be knowledgeable, they have coached at this level for four years.  We'll have to see when we get there, but the husband played college baseball locally.  The wife played college softball locally and is still a pitching coach.  So one of my main concerns has been alleviated.  I wanted my daughter to learn from knowledgeable people.  I didn't want them to be with some screaming maniac who hates kids and just yells at them all the time.  I want her to learn the fundamentals and not be on a team where it's all about winning.  With coaches that have this kind of experience, I am finding myself more comfortable with all of this.  I am not expecting much J1 is only 4,  but this experience will be her basis for organized sports.  I don't expect her to become a professional softball player or anything, I need to be comfortable in the fact that the individuals that are teaching her know enough about the game to make it enjoyable for her.  I also didn't want an experience where she would feel uncomfortable or be discouraged.  I wanted her to learn the game and enjoy the experience of a team sport.  I am hoping that with their experience with coaching and their personal experience in the sport, we may have hit the coach jackpot.

With baseball starting also starts parent obligations.  I have to work 10 hours over the season in the concession stand.  Which shouldn't be a big deal BUT when hubs isn't working he is usually umpiring over at the park.  So I am not exactly sure how this is going to work but I am sure that we will figure it out.  At least the park is in walking distance from the house.  I may have to hit up the FIL for some babysitting so I can do my hours :)

My next challenge is going to be dealing with J2.  She is NOT pleased that J1 gets to play baseball and she doesn't.  The promise of her being able to play next year isn't cutting it.  She wants to play now.  She also has her little pink mitt and her ball and she plays catch with Daddy.  I hope that she isn't too upset especially since we are all going to her practice today.  If hubs is working I will have no choice but to bring J2 with me to practice.  I may be (and hope I am) wrong, but I have a bad feeling that there are tantrums and outbursts galore in store for me from J2 over this.  Any other mom's have ideas of how to deal with this if it becomes a problem?

That's the other exciting thing today.  We are heading to go see my best friend for the weekend.  Her daughter is making her communion so that should be fun.  I am so excited we haven't seen them since January.  Still have a ton to do before we leave, packing, laundry cleaning and all that fun stuff.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, I know I will!!!

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