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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Backyard Baseball

Spring has finally sprung here in the midwest.  The heat is off.  The doors and windows are open.  The fresh air is exactly what we needed!!!!

I was just sitting in the backyard watching the hubby and kids play catch.  There is nothing funnier than J1 looking around for the ball as it rolls through her feet.  She is so funny.  J2 thinks she is going to be on some highlight reels as she poses before she throws the ball.  Next up is batting practice.

Their is nothing more difficult as a mother than realizing that your child has your coordination (or lack thereof).  Poor J1 is trying so hard but she is most certainly her mother's daughter.  I have been watching her at her baseball practices and wondering if maybe we should have waited a year to start her.  She is so small compared to most of the other kids on the team.  I'm a little nervous that in a real game if the ball comes to her she is going to get trampled by the other kids.  Her response time is definitely slower.  Hopefully starting her this year will help her develop her coordination skills.

We have Opening Day Ceremonies tomorrow.  They announce each kid's name and they run from 3rd base to home.  Here's hoping that she runs the right way!

Back out to enjoy my family!

FYI Baseball didn't last very long they were more interested in playing bubbles :)


  1. Great Post Kim! So happy that Spring has finally sprung for you. Love your Blog! xxoo