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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Always check the weather!

So I was given a free pass today to go across the street to watch the Giants game (or fiasco which is what I would call it). So when I got home I felt guilty about being away so the kids and I decided to walk to Garnsey Park.  It was crazy windy but warm so it was actually really nice.  The only problem is that it's about 8 blocks away.  So we walked. The girls played on the swings and it was great.  They got to run around and burn off some energy so I thought it was perfect.  Then all of the sudden it started to rain.  So here I am trudging back home in the rain with my two toddlers.  We were sloppy wet messes by the time we got home.  We all giggled about it and put on dry clothes.  My girls went on and on about how much fun they had at the "playground" with Mommy.  It literally melted my heart and even though we got rained on, got wet and soggy and it wasnt' ideal weather, the 20 minutes those girls had to play they talked about all night.  It was worth every minute and every bit of sogginess.   I love to make them happy :)

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