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Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy that BITCH

Hurricane Sandy ripped through my home.  She destroyed my childhood and has brought my hometown and the surrounding communities to their knees.  It’s Day 12 and some friends and family still don’t have power.  It’s been really hard for me to be so far away from family and friends while all this has been going on.  I know that I may not live there anymore but these places are my home.  

I spent a summer working on the Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk.  I have been Jenks more times that I can count for drinks and almost got into my first (and only) fist fight on the boardwalk there leaving the bar one night.  I just spent an amazing day this past May there with my Dad and little brother and my kids.  We had lunch at Martells and then took the kids to the rides.  

I used to go to Seaside as a kid to the boardwalk and eat pizza at Maruca’s and ride the Jet Star and the Log Flume.  Then as an adult I would go there and hang out at the SawMill and the Bamboo and have an adult beverage or two.  There is no end to the memories of these places that I have and it’s been so hard to watch all the devastation and see the pictures, and videos.  

Since the hurricane hit, I have felt helpless, impotent, and just sad.  Especially after seeing the pictures of my old High School.  St Rose High School in Belmar was beyond devastated.  The school was flooded with what looks to be at least 4 feet of water.  The school reported that during the industrial clean up portion 800 lbs of fish were removed and 5 sea turtles were found swimming in the hallways.  I decided that instead of feeling helpless I was going to be as helpful as I could from here.  

I decided, after being interviewed for an article about my memories, that there were things that I could do from this far away So I called the local Jersey Mike’s and the fundraiser was born.  

For 3 days the Bolingbrook, IL Jersey Mike's location will donate $1 per sub sold.  In addition we will be collecting donations of items that are still needed for those that have lost their homes to Sandy.  Check out flyer above for any questions! 

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