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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Potty Training J2

Potty training J1 wasn't easy it took some time, but she is there 100% even night time potty trained.  I am beyond thrilled and so proud of her.  Now comes the issue J2, J2 would sit in a nasty skanky diaper all day if I let her.  She likes the potty and wants to use the potty but not to actually go potty.  If J1 was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy of potty training, J2 is already the Harry Potter series.  She just wants nothing to do with it unless it assists her in avoiding something like bed.  So tomorrow come hell or high water she is going to use that damn potty.  We are going to put pull ups tomorrow.  She gets so excited about the concept but we have no results.  I am going to try the M&M (actually Smarties) cause those are her favorite route when she does use the potty.  I ask her, I put her on it, it doesn't matter the minute she's off is when she goes.  So keep thinking of us and sending good potty vibes this way!

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