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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Head Injuries?!?!?!

Ok so J1 has been exploring in the bathtub.  She for some reason is recently fascinated with it.  Well today she learned a very hard lesson.  Fooling around in the bathroom can hurt.  Apparently she tried to stand on the edge of the tub and toppled over and whacked her head.  I was changing J2's diaper when I heard this awful crash and then I heard the tears.  I didn't feel a bump and she returned to normal rather quickly.  This isn't the first time this week that bangs to the head have upset me.  Earlier this week we were playing "Snuggle With Mommy" when I asked for kisses.  They both leaned in at the same time.  I subsequently heard the most horrific noise that I have ever heard.  I actually heard my kids skulls crack together.  It was awful.  There were no bumps, or bruises but it didn't make me feel any better.  The noise was horrendous.  It was completely the worst noise imaginable.  I know that kids are supposed to "bounce" and all but when should we start to be worried that these things could be causing permanent damage.  I don't want to be one of those mom's that rushes to the pediatrician for nothing. Where do you draw that line?

I think that I am usually good in a crisis, but when it comes to my kids I'm just not.  I can often go with the flow and do what needs to be done and then when it's all over fall apart.  When it comes to my girls I just don't have that instinct.  I want to be able to handle the situation at hand, and then have my minute.  I don't want to overreact, and I don't want to scare them and make it worse.  It's just so hard to be rational when your child is in danger, hurt, or anything other than happily snuggled in my arms.

How do you react when one child hurts another.  I'm pretty lucky because J1 and J2 get along really well, however there are times when they aren't BFF's.  When one hurts the other my inner "mama bear" gets so confused.  I'm frustrated that one could hurt the other.  I'm concerned for the offended party.  I'm often at a loss as to how to handle the offender.  Usually the girls are so sorry when they hurt one another that I'm not certain how to handle "punishment".  If I can tell that they are sorry is that enough? If I think that they did it maliciously should the "punishment" be stiffer.  I have a hard time with these questions.  With my girls so close in age, I imagine that these times will become more often.  I know that each situation should be handled individually, but I also have those old school "let the punishment fit the crime" mentality floating around.  I struggle with this kind of stuff.  It doesn't matter how many books/articles/websites you read, you are never 100% prepared for these situations.

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