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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Dresses!!

Ok so it drives me crazy that as soon as Halloween is over and even before I can eat my turkey I have to start looking for Christmas dresses for the girls.  It's a very trying process.  I like them to match (duh) and I also am not looking to spend a ton of money for dresses that they are going to wear for pictures and 1 day.  I have finally found my answer!! ZULILY!!! I have ordered from here before and been pleased with what I have gotten.  It's where I got their Easter dresses and shoes for this past year.  I wasn't sure how it would go with Christmas.  While I was out yesterday, my sister and my mother were busy checking out Zulily's site and picking out dresses.  They both fell in love with a dress.  Only problem was that by the time I got home and checked it out with my mom the dress was only left in one size and it wasn't either girls size.

Well that was quite the bummer because I really liked the dress, and to find a dress that my mom, my sister, and I liked was pretty unprecedented.  My fabulous sister went back on the site today and they had restocked! So the dresses were available in BOTH girls sizes.  I wasted no time snatching them up (at a great discount)!! I love that the dresses were less than $25 each and still look ADORABLE!  They are going to look so cute!!!! I just had to share my joy and excitement over having that often stressful time behind me.

Christmas dresses bought, first Christmas presents bought, I am on a roll!!! Bring on the Turkey I am ready for the holidays!!!

Here's a pic of the dress

Check out Zulily here and tell them I sent you!

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