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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sleepy time blues

So J2 is going through another one of her wake up in the middle of the night phases. Poor J1 suffers worse for this drama because she is a sleeper. She loves her sleep and when J2 is up so is the whole house. I asked J1 if J2 woke her up and she said no. She then proceeded to explain that she was asleep and J2 was crying and she heard her and that's how she woke up. Poor thing clearly doesn't get the concept of your little sister woke you up. Now little J2 starts a fight every time these wake up fiascos occur. She wants everything that she can't have from juice to candy to TV and then throws a fit. I just wish that she would get that she's just tired and needs to sleep cause I promise her that I need the sleep and so does Daddy. Here's hoping round 2 of bedtime is more successful than round 1. From what i hear so far is not so good. Wish me luck, well actually wish hubs luxknb/c they want Daddy not Mommy.

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