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Friday, November 9, 2012

Toys, Toys Everywhere!!!

Ok so I don't think of my kids as crazy spoiled, but when it comes time to clean up it seems that the toys never fit.  Also currently their playroom and my living room are one in the same.  I am so tired of tripping over toys and constantly asking them to put the toys away.  Today I am moving the toys into their bedroom and the extra bedroom down here off of my living room.  Maybe if I put the toys away where I can't see them I won't feel like they are overtaking my house.  Moms what do you do to keep your kids toys in order?  How often do you go through them and toss/donate?  How do you get the kids to put the toys back where they belong?  Honestly if everything went back into it's places then it seems that it might not be as bad.  How can I get them to put them in the correct places so everything fits? Or am I just going to live an existence of toys toys everywhere?!?!?

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